Design-time __init__.py for resourcepackage
This is the scanning version of __init__.py for your
resource modules. You replace it with a blank or doc-only
init when ready to release.

Package Contents
        __init__ -- Design-time __init__.py for resourcepackage
_cvsignore -- Resource _cvsignore (from file .cvsignore)
close_png -- Resource close_png (from file close.png)
dbsetup_png -- Resource dbsetup_png (from file dbsetup.png)
delete_png -- Resource delete_png (from file delete.png)
dict16_png -- Resource dict16_png (from file dict16.png)
dict32_png -- Resource dict32_png (from file dict32.png)
down_png -- Resource down_png (from file down.png)
edit_png -- Resource edit_png (from file edit.png)
enumeration16_png -- Resource enumeration16_png (from file enumeration16.png)
enumeration32_png -- Resource enumeration32_png (from file enumeration32.png)
enumeration_png -- Resource enumeration_png (from file enumeration.png)
file16_png -- Resource file16_png (from file file16.png)
file32_png -- Resource file32_png (from file file32.png)
float16_png -- Resource float16_png (from file float16.png)
float32_png -- Resource float32_png (from file float32.png)
function16_png -- Resource function16_png (from file function16.png)
function32_png -- Resource function32_png (from file function32.png)
generic_png -- Resource generic_png (from file generic.png)
generic_sm_png -- Resource generic_sm_png (from file generic_sm.png)
int16_png -- Resource int16_png (from file int16.png)
int32_png -- Resource int32_png (from file int32.png)
list16_png -- Resource list16_png (from file list16.png)
list32_png -- Resource list32_png (from file list32.png)
method16_png -- Resource method16_png (from file method16.png)
method32_png -- Resource method32_png (from file method32.png)
new_png -- Resource new_png (from file new.png)
object16_png -- Resource object16_png (from file object16.png)
object32_png -- Resource object32_png (from file object32.png)
promote_png -- Resource promote_png (from file promote.png)
property16_png -- Resource property16_png (from file property16.png)
property32_png -- Resource property32_png (from file property32.png)
readonly_png -- Resource readonly_png (from file readonly.png)
string16_png -- Resource string16_png (from file string16.png)
string32_png -- Resource string32_png (from file string32.png)
tuple16_png -- Resource tuple16_png (from file tuple16.png)
tuple32_png -- Resource tuple32_png (from file tuple32.png)
type16_png -- Resource type16_png (from file type16.png)
type32_png -- Resource type32_png (from file type32.png)
unicode16_png -- Resource unicode16_png (from file unicode16.png)
unicode32_png -- Resource unicode32_png (from file unicode32.png)
up_png -- Resource up_png (from file up.png)
up_sm_png -- Resource up_sm_png (from file up_sm.png)

        __path__ = [r'p:\wxproperties\wxoo\resources']
generators = {'': SimpleGenerator (singleton), '.bmp': wxImageGenerator (singleton), '.gif': wxImageGenerator (singleton), '.htm': CompressedGenerator (singleton), '.html': CompressedGenerator (singleton), '.ico': wxImageGenerator (singleton), '.iff': wxImageGenerator (singleton), '.jpeg': wxImageGenerator (singleton), '.jpg': wxImageGenerator (singleton), '.pcx': wxImageGenerator (singleton), ...}
package = Package (wxoo.resources)