Package of Object-Oriented wxPython controls and events

Package Contents
        __init__ -- Package of Object-Oriented wxPython controls and events
arrowbuttons -- wxBitmapButtons with arrow bitmaps on them
basecontrol -- Base class for most wxoo controls (particularly composite ones)
basetypetextcontrol -- Generic editing controls for basictypes (with parsing)
compositecontrol -- Composite-control base-class for wxoo
configui (package) -- Configurable GUI package
datetime (package) -- Date-time-specific wxoo controls
debug -- Logging facilities for wxoo
demo (package) -- Dummy init to get files to be seen as a package.
directoryselection -- (Unfinished) directory-editing control
dispatcher -- Provides global signal dispatching services.
dnd -- Event-based drag and drop implementation classes
dragholder -- Coordinate-tracking class for canvases implementing dragging
editablestringchoice -- ComboBox with control semantics
enumerationcontrol -- Controls for editing basictypes Enumeration objects
enumerationdialog -- Dialog allowing choice from an enumeration control
event_gen -- Generates event.py based on raw data describing the event types
gridselectionset -- Object implementing selection-set semantics for wxgrids
objectchoice -- Controls for choosing single or multiple objects from set
objectlist -- Object-oriented list control
objectlisteditor -- Sequence-editor binding for objectlist
prop (package) -- Remaining vestiges of wxprop
propertycontrol -- Property-editing/Data-bound control class
propertydescriptor -- GUI-level descriptions of property-like objects
resources (package) -- Design-time __init__.py for resourcepackage
selectionset -- Selection-set implementation for canvas programming
sequenceeditor -- Mix-in providing GUI sequence-editing implementation
spincontrol -- Integer-editing control with spin buttons
spinner -- Simple scrolling control for use in creating other controls
table (package) -- Tables which modify (collections of) objects and their properties
text (package) -- Text-specific editing controls
typeiconlist -- Shared image list for type-associated icons
typeregistry -- wxoo datatype: registered-control mappings
windowdrag -- Mix-in providing ability to drag (parent) Windows
wx (package) -- Controls for editing wxPython data-types
wxcontrolcontainer -- Implementation of explicitly-set tabbing-order windows

        __path__ = [r'p:\wxproperties\wxoo']